Parenting Today – Part 1

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Many parents often refer to parenting today as an impossible task, throw their hands up in exasperation, and speak of feelings of giving up or being defeated. Often they are parents of teenage children. It is a challenging time and requires skills such as persistence and patience…and skills that have not been widely taught.


Parenting a teenager can at times make parenting toddlers seem a breeze.


The demands of the world have continued to grow despite technology's promise of making life easier. The world seems to spin faster and faster, and our ability to keep up is often challenged.


Perhaps if we were not moving too quickly we might have the presence of mind to be present with one of the important things in our life – our families.


To witness our children and their Glorious and Essential Mistakes and to love them even more through this, is the work of the elder and guide, and this is what we are aiming for here.


We cannot keep them from their mistakes; in fact, these mistakes reveal to us what the child needs.


So what happens to a parent in a fast-paced world?


Well-intentioned and intelligent parents as you, trying their best and doing their best, still feel as if they are failing somehow.


Are we setting our standards too high? Are the expectations of our society too extreme? Is the way we live life contrary to the task required of us as parents?


What are your thoughts?



Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon…



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