Our Assumption

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You are not reading this blog by accident … you are here for a reason. Maybe you know this or maybe not. Maybe you think you know what you want here…and something else will emerge.
A favourite joke of ours is (from Woody Allen);
How do you make God laugh? – Tell him your plans!
Our assumption is that you are interested in children and you are in alignment with our vision of your children growing into adults emotionally intelligent, socially aware, and passionate about their life. This is my ultimate hope for all our children.

Can you imagine what young adults would be like that hold an understanding of emotions, not just from a dictionary or an encyclopedia, but a felt sense because they know stories of other people in their community that have given him/her a context in which each emotion can sit, i.e. sadness, joy, disappointment or envy.

Again, imagine young adults that are socially aware, not just when it comes to which social media platform to use, but more specifically what does each social context not only require of them, but how they can excel, impress and feel good about themselves. That may simply look like being respectful and aware of elders in their community.

Finally, young adults being passionate about their life. Imagine if our young people arrived into adulthood with a clear purpose and passion. That would certainly help them make good decisions. That passion for life is not something that has been placed there, it is an energy that arises, from a young person being affirmed for the gifts that they hold and often in our experience and it may take some time, but the young person will find their passion or purpose and begin striving for it.

This is certainly our hope and vision for all young people!

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