Acknowledgement of Parents

Posted on: February 5th, 2014 by raisingteenageboys No Comments

We commend you as a caring adult in the life of your child or children and we honour you as a positive force in the world. For each of you reading this blog, there are many more parents stuck in a busy hand-to-mouth existence where the big picture often goes floating by.

Many understand the need for stepping up when our children become teens and unfortunately, that is as far as it goes. However, you are here and we thank you for that both for ourselves and for our children.

We attended a men's programme back in 2003 and a man spoke of his family and mentioned his partner and children, but that the children were not his.

One of the facilitators leant forward and respectfully said they're all ours mate. This struck a deep chord in us – words spoken that we just knew to be true. This was one of many powerful realisations marking a phenomenal time of ah-ha moments, insights and shifting of beliefs and behaviours in how we lived, perceived and parent in this world. We're extremely grateful for this.

This is for all our children. We each have a few souls temporarily in our care and they'll shape a future based on what is happening to them now.

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