Take the Struggle and Frustration out of Parenting Your Teenager. Issues like Technology Binging and (Lack of) Responsibility MADE EASY! It’s a Real Game-Changer!


The Best Decision YOU Can Make As a Parent…. To Ensure Your Teenager Grows Confident, Successful, Respectful,
Disciplined and Healthy …

This is a Unique Approach that Will Take The Confusion, Frustration and Worry Out of Parenting a Teenage Boy…. How to AVOID THE TRAPS AND Do Your Best Parenting Yet!!

"We’ve all heard the advice, but this is a completely different way of doing things. It’s like night and day… My relationship with Declan has completely changed! I pay over $20,000 a year for his education… and this is worth 10 times that! THANK YOU!"

Bill Gamack,52

You’re about to discover the secrets to raising happy and healthy young men. This is loaded with strategies and insights that you will not hear anywhere else;

  • What Really Happens Inside Their Heads! The Mystery Revealed!! How to get him to communicate without the headaches, stress and drama
  • The one thing you really must do… This is Critical for all Teenage Boys, not just for ‘problem kids’. It’s a real ‘Game Changer’…. PLUS The ‘WILDCARD’ all parents need – I promise you’ll find energy you didn’t know you had!
  • The smartest way to more peace in your home – I’ve done the hard yards here! This is perfect for busy parents…
  • The KEY QUESTION to ask when faced with problematic behaviour. Get really clear on what is realistic to expect at this time… so you know how to pick your battles!
  • 7 Keys to EFFECTIVE Teen Parenting… Fill up your parenting toolbox with wise strategies! I’ll walk you through critical areas of healthy engagement and shine a light on the answers for you.
  • The 7 costly mistakes parents make with their teenage sons & How To Avoid Them! How to easily turn challenging no-win situations into Gold! The secret messages they send that most parents miss…. Until it’s too late…
  • REAL PROVEN usable strategies for Communicating with your kids from an everyday, knock-about, down-to-earth bloke – not some pencil pushing theories out of a book!
  • Cut the chaos into shreds and restore some peace and respect without bargaining, threatening, coercing or giving in! I’m not kidding…..
  • He wants so much FREEDOM and how much is enough?… I’ll show you the FREEDOM FORMULA that supports good timing and more responsibility! This is critical to his future life and relationships
  • Discover the secret to managing TECHNOLOGY with a teenage boy AND getting your sanity and family back! How to be a NAG-FREE Parent and enjoy the results!

To: All parents and adults in the life of a teenage boy. He deserves something special during the often challenging teenage years AND I know you want to avoid the unnecessary RISKS such as drugs, alcohol abuse, violence and depression (let alone the risk of passivity and under-achievement)!

From: Andy Roy, Father of 6 and Teen Enthusiast!

Shows the why and the how of two important gifts a boy needs to become a healthy man, aware creative parenting and rites of passage. Practical, concise and full of creative wisdom drawn from Andy Roy’s years of experience working with men and boys. Healthy manhood is optional – It’s Time delivers the man-making tools our boys desperately need.

Geoff Price – author of Puberty Boy and What They Don’t Teach Men About Themselves.

I thought I had a good relationship with my 13yr old son Patrick before. Now I’ve got a better relationship with Patrick and that’s because of the skills and tools gained! When going through the exercises describing my childhood, my father and the issues I had to my son Patrick was really important and, in one word, liberating! Interestingly, while Patrick didn’t realize that I was going through these issues, simultaneously, he was probably facing very similar issues. I would do this again and again, because of what I learned and how our life has changed, because the connection between father and son is really important. It gave me tools, empowered me and through that, I’m a lot happier.  

Victor A., Brisbane

We’re a lot closer, really close. And we’re discussing more and more over dinner and lunch. I still reflect on what happened.

Patrick A.13yrs, Brisbane

The focus here is about the transition for boys into young men. It’s not about where you’ve come from and I think it benefits young men having real difficulties and other young men across the board, no matter what their relationship is with their father or key male in their lives. Profoundly thought-out processes orchestrated together cleverly into one far-reaching experience. “My God, if I had heard this when I was 14 or 15, it would have taken a lot of angst out of my teenage years!!”

Murray B.Brisbane


If you have ever worried or stressed about the many radical changes in your boy through his teen transition…

Or if you just want the very best for him and just know deep down there is a missing link in the chain here.

Or if you're fed-up with settling for less and would prefer to feast on a banquet than nibble away at scraps… then I have good news for you:

…This will be the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why…


Rick and his wife Veronica had BIG problems with their 13 year old son Max. His behaviour was extreme and it was causing such grief in their family that no-one was having any fun… this was splitting up the family and life was a continual drama and challenge.

They had forgotten what happiness is.

When they came to see us Rick said to me straight up 'This is the last throw of the dice for us, we’ve tried EVERYTHING.’

No pressure right?

He had got to a point in his life where he thought he’d grow old and lonely and have a son that doesn’t visit or even talk to him. He was devastated….

Veronica was very anxious and looked like she had already given up. Max’s frequent emotional episodes and stubborn refusal to participate at home was driving them nuts… then there was school. Being called into 'the office’ many many times was embarrassing, exhausting and very worrying. Max was out-of-control and they were powerless to do anything about it.

Well almost… they showed up and were still trying!

So what happened next was simply beautiful. We put Max and his family through a process that challenged them all. Max tried his old tricks and his parents struggled not to buy-into the old dramas.

I was privy to some very honest and sizzling exchanges between them.

It was feverish and heavy. Max didn’t like this life at all and was suicidal, he had no place on earth where he felt OK, he was failing school and his relationships where a complete mess…. he felt worthless and stupid.

It was very touching to hear him speak so candidly.

Who’s In Transition?

You see a big part of Max’s problem was that EVERYONE is in transition, not just Max. The load bearing down on him to do all the changing had overwhelmed him and he was fighting back.

When he could begin to see his mother and father honestly struggling with the changes they needed to make, Max was free to handle his own changes.

I won’t say this came easily for him to start with but I will say there came a pivotal moment in time where Max stood up and made a conscious and courageous decision. Rick was still worried and you should have seen his face when Max stood up and announced 'I can do this dad’!

'Trust the process' I kept reminding them…

Veronica and her mum were shocked at what happened. There was Max doing the dishes, asking others if he could get them something…

He had learned the gift of service to others at 13 years old…. he even looked a foot taller!


Veronica later told me of the long list of 'white coats' they had seen and that they had spent a fortune getting no-where. She even paid $800 for an assessment that told her the family needed help! She could have told them that for NOTHING!

'No-one taught us what you have taught us' she said. 'Why is this not taught everywhere?'

Fair comment!

To say they were relieved and delighted is an understatement. You couldn't wipe off the smile from Rick's face! Here was one happy man!

Three years later and Max absolutely loves his life. He is doing very well at school, has a girlfriend who his parents love and he's Mr Popular with her family. He even has his sights firmly set on studying engineering after school… just like his dad did!

He told me that the time we spent together was an epiphany for him and he felt enlightened from it.

He then quietly thanked us for saving his life.

So we had some work to do to get them all into a new place, and I mean them all. Rick and Veronica needed to make some changes themselves and once they knew how to do this, it just changed everything.

Here they are telling the story 3 years later…. it was such a delight to catch up with them again.

A beautifully facilitated process that was challenging, profound and enriching.

Olly B., 15yrs, Brisbane

It was a wonderful journey for all of my family, especially for my husband and son. It has enabled us to develop strategies to assist our son to become a confident and happy young man.

Sue J., Brisbane


What we did with them is different AND it’s not rocket science. If they can do it so can anyone.

So this is a touching story and lucky for Max that his parents were persistent. It’s not an uncommon story and it’s time something really changed for our boys.

"Syndrome T"

Do you know that there are more baby boys born than girls? Exactly 94,232 more boys than girls were born in the U.S. during 2004. It has been this way for the past 63 years and in this time 5,776,130 more males were born.

Do you also know that by the time they get to 21 there are more girls than boys? Even with more boys than girls being born, women still outnumber men in the United States. In 2003, the Census Bureau estimated a total of 144,513,361 females of all ages, compared to 138,396,524 males.

It is an alarming statistic. So what happens?

More boys die than girls. Way more…

Boys and young men take more risks and 'self-initiate'. 'Syndrome T' highlights that the testosterone coursing through their bodies means they require something special during their transition into adulthood or else they will become one of the statistics.

But that’s just one way to look at what’s going on for boys…

  • Mortality rates for 17-25 year old males are extreme
  • Schools and universities are being dominated by girls…boys are being left behind!
  • Drugs and Alcohol…. well, do I need to say anything here!
  • Depression and Suicide for young men is significantly higher than any other group.
  • Passivity and under-achievement is rife throughout our communities.

But let’s not stop here because failing our boys at this time in their lives will mean they grow into men who;

  • Struggle with relationships
  • Are unable to contribute to society
  • Can’t find meaningful and successful work
  • Experience little joy in their life
  • Live life with one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator
  • Live in quiet desperation and drift along without any real direction
  • Rely on dysfunctional behaviours to survive
  • Suffer from debilitating levels of depression and illness

This should be a part of every boy’s growing up. Taking part in this program will change your family for the better.

Carolyn K.Brisbane

A Rite of Passage experience opened my eyes to the significance of changes that were occurring in my son’s life and enable me to develop strategies to support him in healthy development.

Karen M.Brisbane


In 2009, 2,133 people committed suicide in Australia. This is 6 a day and is more than the road toll…. that’s 42 people a week and over 32 of these are male…….77%.

Is this SCREAMING out at you? It scares me ….Can we keep going this way?

As a father of 6, I don’t want any of this for my 4 sons, and I DONT WANT THIS FOR YOUR BOYS EITHER. I have spent thousands of hours reading the texts and working with community organisations that work insanely hard to make a difference for our boys and men today.

I used to struggle with these issues, but after a lot of hard work, research and trial-and-error with parenting my kids, I've figured out a solution – now I can teach you how to have an awesome relationship with your son like I have with mine.


I often got frustrated with myself and my kids when NOTHING CHANGED and the same things kept happening. This was a motivator for me in how I parented. Was I really that stupid? Sometimes I did feel like my brain was having a sabbatical.

The same questions and situations kept appearing for me, the same questions and issues were happening for Rick and Veronica.

Here’s some of the questions my wife and I used to ask ourselves & statements we’ve made in frustration…. AND I keep hearing them ALL the time from other parents

  • How do we manage his use of technology? It’s driving us NUTS! He’s consumed by it. It’s causing him to eat poorly. He’s losing valuable sleep and is cranky and ‘like a zombie’ in the mornings… it takes all our energy and just ends up with a sour NO-WIN situation
  • I get FRUSTRATED and IRATE when he just won’t listen… An alien has taken over my son where I once had a lovely little boy who was so alive, happy and talkative, so…
  • I end up yelling a lot because no-one is listening!! It’s gotten to the stage where it’s the only way to be heard in my own home and I HATE yelling, the neighbours must think I’ve gone completely insane.

  • How can I get him to take more responsibility? I’m turning into a nag! I wish he would take care with his dirty clothes, he is old enough to! Some of his clothing STINKS! What happened to my beautiful little boy? Will I ever get him back?
  • What am I doing wrong – I feel powerless in my own home? I deserve more respect from my son; I’m shocked when I’m ignored, sworn at and blatantly mocked by my own flesh and blood! Where has the respect gone and what can I do about it??
  • When should we encourage his freedom and when should we have boundaries? How much rope should we give him, as we fear we may never get it back… how do we say NO and mean it? He often disrespects our boundaries and we end up feeling like hopeless parents and worry he’ll grow up selfish and inconsiderate.

  • When we try and help it just makes things worse, we’re ready to give up! We know we have to allow him to make mistakes but we’re confused as to when to let go and when to step in. He tells us we’re never as good as other parents…. Do we have to do anything, or just watch his heartache and disappointments?
  • How do I get him to care? I feel like I’m the only one who cares… I find him to be extremely selfish, disrespectful and inward-thinking – he never thinks about the rest of the family and what we might want to do. Is it right to want family time with my teenage son? It’s like we have the plague. His self-centeredness completely exasperates me.
  • How can we stop the constant bargaining and conflict? Feels like we have to be policeman in our own home and we really dislike it! When our teenage son is being totally disagreeable, that’s when we feel stressed, overwhelmed and powerless. The back-chatting really riles us! We end up having a fight afterwards because we’re both on edge…
  • What can we do when he’s rude, ungrateful, selfish and arrogant? He grunts a lot, rolls his eyes and looks at us with disdain. Then there are the inaudible noises… he’s speaking a foreign language, thinks he knows EVERYTHING and won’t admit when he’s wrong…ARGH!
  • How do I have some peace and me-time? I’m exhausted! I run around so much that I feel too exhausted to do the things I want! Being a parent of a teenager….. it’s constant!! I’ve given this kid everything … the hours I spend for HIM and HE just seems so ungrateful.
  • AND all the conflicting parenting advice leaves us confused, what can we do? This causes conflict with me and my partner as we disagree on how to parent. It’s unpleasant for me and I know it’s not good for the kids. Next week there’ll be some new idea and we’ll be arguing about that, then we’ll hear something else that contradicts, and on and on…
  • AND THE BIG ONE – There are too many sad stories today from parents who wished they did more, but what more can we do? What can we do to stop him ending up with a bad crowd? Our worst fear is that he will get caught up in drugs and ruin his life.


It helped me to improve the relationship I have with my family.

Sam R, Brisbane

What I experienced in this is a sensation all boys should have to change into a young man. Also, the camp is great for a relationship with your family.

Joey K., Brisbane

Being a part of a blended family is ridiculously challenging, especially as a new Step-Dad to a 15yr old boy. His mother knew that it was time for his transition and supported us completing a Rite of Passage with him. The transformation I witnessed over time has been miraculous. The bond that we formed was all that I could have hoped for. I have learned a new way of thinking and interacting with our son – thank you!

Wayne L., Cleveland

I felt it was important for our son, the baby of the family, to go through some form of Rite of Passage. It was as important for me, as it was for my son too. Incorporating both my son’s Grandfather and Step-Dad, enabled us to bring together all of the family together to step-back, experience each other and recognise my son’s transition into manhood. I’d highly recommend this to anyone, it is worth the effort!

Shelley H., Sinnamon Park

I have three sisters, a Mum and I’m the youngest of the family. It was great to do this with other boys I hardly knew and their Dad’s and afterwards, feel like I had known the others for our entire lives – it was excellent and great! I have been given a lot more responsibilities and freedom and the connection I have with my Step-Dad is great. He is now more of a friend than a Dad.

Austin C., Sinnamon Park 

Quite a laundry list there right? Do you know any parent of a teenager saying 'Wooo Hooo, these are the best years of my life?'

It’s a tough time for boys and a tough time for parents. Many marriages stay together for the kids' sake and during the teen years any issues are easily exposed and will float to the surface.

Its fertile ground for big trouble…


Now I know this is a bit of an overused statement … and it’s very applicable here. I used to stumble around in the dark trying to answer these questions and make this parenting gig work for me and my family ….. often making a mess of things and left feeling confused, frustrated and exhausted.

Does experience really need to be the best teacher? Maybe for some things but I could have sure used someone else’s experience on dozens of occasions and that would have saved us all some grief!

If I knew then what I know now!!!! It’s hard not to reflect on this as I know just how big a difference it would have made.

So I set about an intensive and lengthy process of gathering skills and ideas on how to be a good parent. Of course I’ve gathered loads of experience and learning in my own family! I’ve participated in hundreds of seminars and workshops (some of them good, some OK and some where I struggled to find one useful tip).

The Lights Came On!

I then began to train with some organisations that I realised were really onto something. I began to lead these programs, develop my own programs and work intimately with families, particularly men and boys.

I’ve also travelled far and wide to facilitate these programs and have learnt so much from a wide range of families and communities.

I’ve worked with well over 600 families and 1500 teenagers. In 20 years as a parent I’ve done it all and risen from my self-appointed mediocrity as a man and a father into a man who is proud and active.

This has been REALLY GOOD FOR ME. It stretched me and I learnt a lot, and I mean A LOT!

It’s like I have 2 lives, the old one where I was sleep walking (trying my best but not very aware and not doing a very good job) AND the life I live now which is much lighter and free of many of the 'useless treasures' I carried around with me.

Communication was a big thing for me, how to speak AND how to listen effectively. I also learnt how to manage my own emotional responses so that I was no longer either holding it in or spilling it out.

I am genuinely grateful for this turnaround in my life.

What Do You See In Others That Needs
To Be Spoken?

AND while I am speaking of gratitude, I want to thank someone here. Her name is Karen and she sidled up to me at a seminar we were both attending and she said these words;

"You know you’ve got a book in you don’t you?"

"ME! Nooooooo…."

"Maybe several" she said with a piercing look that took me well off-guard. Karen is an author herself so I was aware she was not just a ‘tyre kicker’.

(I’m sharing this with you because noticing the untapped potential in our boys AND knowing how to encourage it, is one critical component in their growth.)

And you know as much as I tried to dismiss what Karen said to me, those words just hung in the air around me for weeks. I told my wife and close friends and they didn’t bat an eyelid…

"Of course you do," they said…. OK so I’ll just shut-up and listen!

I am sincerely grateful to be sharing this with you. I have distilled a vast array of knowledge and experience into something I am very proud of.

Thanks Karen for your intentional act of generosity! I’d not have written this and you’d not be reading it if it was not for an older person’s insight and words…

So how can you acknowledge the good things you see in your teen? AND how can you find these good qualities especially if it’s tough?! One of the many useful strategies I will show you is how to effectively acknowledge your teens in a way that enhances their self-image … and LOTS more!

Introducing a simple EBook Jam Packed with strategies that will make all the difference for you and your teenage boy…


… And just imagine…in the near future, instead of struggling through your days feeling exhausted and frustrated, you wake up with a deep sense of love and pride, with a smile on your face because you know that you have done something VERY special for your son…and he is thriving. You are proud of him and yourself for doing what most others dream of – But you made it happen!
As a Step-Dad, doing something like this with my step-son was great. Having 3 generations involved in our son’s Rite of Passage was tremendous bonding, great for the family. I was able to connect with my step-son in a different and unique way that I don’t believe could be achieved in everyday life. The Stories and Life Lessons that were shared were tremendously valuable – the topics and content of the stories make my life a lot easier in everyday life because I can often relate the situation our teenager is facing to a story we shared.

Gary M., Brisbane

I grew up with an old-fashioned, traditional father, who didn’t say much “actions speak louder than words”. When I was raising my own son, I turned into my own father whether I liked it or not. Following this firm approach with my son wasn’t working. A Rite of Passage from my son was really significant. I saw a boy, unsure of himself, not confident and lacking in self-esteem. After a Rite of Passage to Manhood, he returned with so much confidence, self-esteem and pride in himself. I was sceptical at first and I’m so glad we did it, I thoroughly recommend it!

Rick P, Brookfield

We had seen counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors; nobody taught us what we learned from Andy. This has changed our lives and saved our son. We are forever grateful for the changes following what we learnt from Andy and his principles. I could see how happy our son was following his Rite of Passage. He was so full of hope, enthusiasm and hope and has stayed that way since.

Veronica P, Brookfield

My wife suggested I look at this and while resistant, I decided to take a look. This is probably one of the best things I have done for myself and my son. I really, really cherish what I have learnt and experienced with my son. I urge any Dad to get involved!

Stephen Z., Ashgrove

It has been very, very positive and encouraging. I have no doubt that even if you felt you’ve seen everything and know everything and think you know what path your son or daughter is going along, this would be very valuable for you. I recommend this to any parent.

Vasco G., Albany Creek

For parents keen to see their sons develop and ensure their boys obtain a well-rounded education., Not just about academics, it is about raising men!

Geoff M, Kenmore


Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you will have at your fingertips;

  • Understand the MYSTERY of the Teenage Brain – from this understanding you will be able to decide on precise strategies that will hit the nail on the head!
  • What Mothers NEED to know during this transition. It’s a challenging time for mothers and getting it right here is CRITICAL for his future relationships. Pages 41-43 covers this in detail.
  • What Fathers and older men need to do at this time. The old way of doing it won’t work anymore so men need to know the key adjustments of their changing role.
  • How to build a COMMUNICATION OASIS. I take great pride in what I offer you in pages 62-76. This is a comprehensive guide to any relationship problem and particularly effective with teens.
  • A SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE process for building RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR that is a win-win for parents and for teens stepping out into the world
  • Knowing where the opportunities lie for BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM and for helping him know his VALUES – especially his hidden, undiscovered and dormant qualities and values
  • How to GROW A VILLAGE – it really does take a village to raise a child and I will show you how to surround your son with other adults who can take the pressure off your load!
  • THE ONE THING YOU MUST DO – You will also have an incredible ‘never before released’ resource that is a REAL GAME-CHANGER. This where the rubber hits the road!
  • The KEY QUESTION to ask when faced with problematic behaviour. GET TOTALLY CLEAR on what is Realistic to Expect at this time… know how to pick your battles!

A big bonus here is that many of these strategies are useful with smaller children, spouses, ex-partners and troublesome neighbours and relatives, AND in the workplace. Get stuck into these and your life will change in many delightful and surprising ways…

So there you have it… I don’t know about you but I wish I had this kind of information when my kids were younger. It’s taken me half a lifetime to work it out for myself. I look at my 19 year old daughter now and my heart is full of joy for her. She is happy at university and has a lovely boyfriend (phew!); life is just cruising along beautifully for her and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Secretly I am relieved too, as our first child I reckon we made our biggest mistakes with her. So yeah, I’m really happy for her and super-relieved for her mother and me!

Order now for only $39 AUD

Now there is something else special I am excited to share with you. I really want you to get serious results here so I’m throwing this in and it’s the sweetest cherry on the cake. I’m so excited I am going to give it to you free with The Effective Teen Parenting Book.

When all the good work at home is done there is still ONE THING YOU MUST DO. And I don’t say this with anything but 100% conviction and knowing. I do mention it in the first book but this is a book all on its own…

These teenage years whilst confusing and troublesome are an incredible moment in time and a small window of opportunity that is easily missed. This is the thing that many parents know is missing but just can’t put their finger on it.

For thousands of years caring communities did something unique and special that was critical in supporting their boys to be healthy, happy and responsible men. It was an intentional act that was done with such amazing consistency throughout time and culture.


These people knew that boys do not grow into men without the active intervention of older and caring men and women…Community.

What I am referring to here is a modern day Rite-of-Passage. It is a clear marker and a necessary action in growing healthy men. We’ve been through the stats – this is more relevant now than ever before. This is a planned event or series of events that move not just the boy squarely into manhood but the family and immediate community into the necessary changes they need to make to the shift their relating with a young man and not a boy.

This has been all but lost in today's busy and challenging world… our boys REAL needs have been lost. Secretly they all want to be blessed and moved along in the tribe. Fail to do this and they’ll seek it elsewhere, out on the street and in places that lack the necessary wisdom and guidance!

Boys are self-initiating because we have
forgotten what is essential here.


I thoroughly enjoyed an opportunity to learn how to grow a bridge to my son. This resource has taught me very valuable communication strategies, being able to look at situations from different perspectives, the importance of taking responsibility for situations and building-up and strengthening my relationship with my son. I have been able to apply new strategies to my workplace environment in often difficult situations.  I really commend Andy for all the valuable information.

Anthony S., Ashgrove

I felt I had a good relationship with my son as a father, but I was facing challenges as he went through his teenage years. I wanted to find ways to approach these, develop new tools, and build a closer relationship. THIS HAPPENED. I got so many more insights about my son than I thought I ever would, plus the learning’s for me. My son now talks to me, instead of the “mono-syllabic” language of the past and I’m looking forward to doing things with him, other than the xbox! Plus, feedback from his Mother has been positive too.

Tim O., Yeronga

I have more respect for my son now and know to use the Pause Button and allow my son to talk. Also he is more respectful and helpful around the house and yard. He is clearly understanding of responsibility versus freedom. Thanks to Andy.

Stuart B., North Brisbane

My son and I have a greater ability to talk openly about issues and our feelings.

Andrew C., Graceville

I have gained a better relationship with my son by being considerate and showing empathy. I also realise my projections better and determining whether the question I have is my problem or not.

Steve B., Brisbane

I have learned that it is important to listen, think and then answer and not to interrupt a person when he/she is speaking. Our communication has changed and is no longer a one-sided lecture.

Sean L., Kenmore

I am more tolerant with my family and I purposely want to spend more time doing activities together. The Pause button is still being used – great outcome.

Paul G., Brisbane


Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events and milestones like puberty, coming of age, marriage and death. Initiation ceremonies such as baptism, confirmation and Bar Mitzvah are considered important rites of passage for people of their respective religions.

Many of today’s societal rituals may look like rites of passage but miss some of the important structural and functional components.

That’s why this bonus is so important. We’ll be taking the best of the best and creatively using it to fill in the void for today’s boys…

So how can you harvest the best of this ancient wisdom AND make it a potent and relevant force in your life TODAY?

How can you do this in busy and stressful lives?

This has taken me years of working with families and communities. It is PROVEN to be a real GAME CHANGER for thousands of families, especially boys. It will change your life too…

  • IT’s TIME! is stacked with practical strategies for you to introduce the key elements of a Rite of passage into your normal living of life. If you know the cues, you will be prepared and ready.
  • It’s TIME covers in detail how you can craft a special event to acknowledge the passing through the doorway into manhood. You will be more than surprised how powerful this is…

It is TIME!

AND it doesn’t need to be too intricate if you’re a single parent. I’ve covered all bases here.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what….

A Native American Indian Elder Said:
You know a civilisation that lacks a rite of passage; because it has a sick soul and you know it is sick for three reasons;

1. There are no elders

2. The young are violent, and

3. The adults are bewildered….

Consider this;

He is knocking at the door…

As adults we must know how to answer the call.

This call is for men to step up and for women to let go.

Where we get it horribly wrong today is where men don’t step up and women won’t let go.

How to do this well is imperative. It is not about men telling him what to do and how to live his life. IT IS ABOUT stepping up in a completely different way. You probably already know that the old tricks don’t work anymore, right?

Letting Go for many women naturally brings up strong emotions… and without understanding what is required of them here, women will try harder and often make things worse.

It’s Time! Is a book that has my heart within it. I’ve seen too many massive changes in families to ignore this. I’ve seen men deep in thought having supported their son through a rite of passage… and I can read their minds… some dad’s will say it to me;

How might my life have been different for
something like this when I was a teenager?

It’s sad and powerful to hear this from grown men… this is a huge missing piece…

It’s the elephant in the room.

Our boys are taking matters into their own hands because the adults don’t know what is really required here.

This is a small window of opportunity with your boy….What he needs during this time in his life is something RADICALLY DIFFERENT to what boys in recent centuries have had.


Well other than adding more nasty statistics about the boy to man transition, consider your own life. Was there something missing? Can you feel it? You may not as this is outside the box and quite unique in its approach today.

Boys (no matter how much they put out an air of indifference) really do care and really do want more. For the whole game to be turned on its head for a period of time where they are VERY important, where the adults make special effort to acknowledge and bless them and wisely guide them into adulthood… well, it’s a no-brainer!

I can hear the single mums crying out….. How can I do this without men around to step up?

A TOTALLY valid question.

I hear this all the time. I have a special place in my heart for single mums and their plight during this time. A boy without a father around is special, and there is a way to give him what he needs.

Trust me here.

This book is a resource for all kinds of families today. I am passionate and committed to giving you a practical and enjoyable plan that will bring more peace and understanding for ALL families.

AND much of it can be introduced into the good work you are already doing!

  • If you are a regular family wanting (or struggling) to do your best, this book is for you.
  • If you are a single parent this book is for you.
  • If you are a large group (like a sports team, school group, church group or a number of close families) wanting to head into nature for this, then this book is for you.
  • If you are somewhere in-between this book is also for you.

I’ve covered all bases and am delighted to be sharing this with you! And it’s FREE! But I’m getting even more excited now because I am going to give you even more free resources that are worth more than the price of the book by themselves! Check this out;

FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses


"It’s Time! A Modern Day Rite of Passage For Your Teenage Boy"

This EBook is Yours FREE

You’ll love this bonus because it takes all the valuable information in the MANUAL eBook to another level. I have seen incredible shifts in family dynamics through this alone. The key messages during this transition are clearly explained and I then offer suggestions on how you can imbed these messages into your day to day life.


"It’s Time! The 'How to' Manual"

This EBook is Yours FREE

This is the nuts and bolts of making this a reality and it completes the EBook trilogy. Here I will give you all the logistical requirements and the ‘how to run’ of all processes you will ever need to know in running a Rite of Passage or special event for your boy. Whether a regular family, single parent or a sports club, this is loaded with practical information that will greatly assist you to make this most vital event a reality. An Honouring Ceremony is a MUST for ALL boys!


Audio Recording of Effective Teen Parenting & It’s Time

This Service Normally Costs $70.00 But it’s Yours FREE

You’ll love this bonus because you get to use my experience here… I’ve been privy to a lot of family’s stories and have helped them troubleshoot many challenging issues. I’ve also designed many programs and trained people to run them. This is where I can humbly say to you, I am great at this. You have unlimited email support for a year AND a 20 minute Skype chat. I’ve talked to thousands of parents and teenage boys and offer you my experience as a dad and an active man with all sorts of families in my community. I’m told I’m mad to offer this but I am insistent because I love this work! So why not join this community?….. jump on in, the water’s fine!


"The 'What Makes Men Tick' Library"

This Priceless Resource is worth AT LEAST $120.00 But it’s Yours FREE

You will treasure this bonus because it is a NEW paradigm in supporting teenage boys. I produced a collection of videos and audios of men who speak honestly and candidly about their lives. It’s the ‘what makes men tick’ resource that is essential for boys without active fathers AND for men wanting to know how they can do this for their sons… if you’ve struggled to have the 'talk' about sex – here is a masterstroke!


12 months Email Support and Skype Session

This Service is Yours FREE

You’ll love this bonus because you get to use my experience here… I’ve been privy to a lot of family’s stories and have helped them troubleshoot many challenging issues. I’ve also designed many programs and trained people to run them. This is where I can humbly say to you, I am great at this. You have unlimited email support for a year AND a 20 minute Skype chat. I’ve talked to thousands of parents and teenage boys and offer you my experience as a dad and an active man with all sorts of families in my community. I’m told I’m mad to offer this but I am insistent because I love this work! So why not join this community?….. jump on in, the water’s fine!

Initially, we got involved to help the process for our son to develop into a young man , but in the end I also felt that the course allowed me to develop. I would have no hesitation in suggesting that this resource allows for the strengthening of the bond between the father and son.

Sam V., Ascot

At a time when there are so many instances where the fabric of our relationship is strained through this transitional period, the learning’s from this resource gave my teenage son & I another stitch to help hold our relationship together.

Jason G., Brisbane


These skills have resulted in an exceptional experience and an exceptional change in the relationship that I have with my Dad. Thank you!

Jon M., Ashgrove


Being a single mother and not knowing how to help my teenage son cross that bridge into being a young man was daunting. Where else can I, as a single mother, access this information. This information is life-saving! Thank you.

Daisy B., Mitchelton


All the questions I had were answered. About Fathers, Men and what they do and how they are. I’m glad this opportunity was available when I was a teenager. I can’t wait until I have my own son and will make sure he gets what I did.  

Luke B., Mitchelton


Pretty good deal, right? – In truth, I had a lot of fun putting these special bonuses together for you! I know you’re going to love them just as much as I do…

Okay okay, it sounds like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble… How much is this going to cost?

Well that’s the best part – the price – to be honest with you, if I added up all of the countless hours and hard work that I’ve poured into this little book, then I’d have to charge you thousands of dollars in labour time!

I could easily sell this book for $97 – and It’ll still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! But don’t worry I’m not that greedy… I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us.

I just really want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book. So for a measly $39??? I’m sure no one can ever complain about it being expensive! That’s cheap in anyone’s language!


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I’m going to be blunt here, but I wouldn’t forgive myself if something went wrong just because I was too tight to spend a $39 bucks on some critical information. I mean, this is about a third of the price of a computer game – Surely your kids are worth more than $39 to help you turnaround some of your hot issues?

Was that a bit harsh? Sorry, as you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this topic.

NOTE: This is a once-off investment… there are no on-going fees. And you’re completely covered by my full 8 week money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this now as I’m confident it will not be around forever… Our colleagues are telling us we are crazy to offer so much at once… but it’s your choice.

The Parenting Resource is new, it’s fresh, and it’s totally different from any other publications you will find. I’ve seen them all believe me!

Order now for only $39 AUD

What You Get


Your Cost

Effective Teen Parenting EBook



It's Time! A Modern Day Rite of Passage For Your Teenage Boy EBook



Audio Recording of Effective Teen Parenting EBook & It's Time! A Modern Day Rite of Passage For Your Teenage Boy EBook



It's Time! The 'How To' Manual EBook



The 'What Makes Men Tick' Video and Audio Library



12 Months Phone and Skype Support



Total Value


LESS Your Special $20
Launch Discount

$561.00   $39.00

Your Saving


And yes these resources will be comprehensively covering ALL you need to know and this includes some revealing new ideas that I’ve been using with great results in my family, AND real results many parents have thanked us for. Some of these haven’t been revealed anywhere else.

I’ll also be continually updating the ‘What Makes Men Tick’ Video Library that will be an incredible resource, this will give you a blow by blow account of life from men who have traversed their inner worlds, conquered some demons, and can speak with clarity and revealing honesty about their life and relationships. This is a great way to learn. You get the example of others learning’s so you really get it.

So yeah, there’ll be some touching, revealing and enlightening moments. We’ll travel deep into the male soul, you will hear men talk about their relationships with their fathers, their life’s – challenges with intimate relationships, their dark times and the things they love today… and how they had to learn these lessons. With so much diversity in the life experiences, you’ll find some AMAZING consistencies from men from all walks of life.

For me, I talk to hundreds of men and boys through our programs and through the internet. AND I promise you that what you have here is something that WORKS.


As much as I love a good laugh, there are no jokes here. No matter what mistakes you have made in the past, the teen years are your last opportunity for A LONG WHILE.

This is where the rubber hits the road for parenting your teenage boy. His growing up is optional….. AND so is your peace of mind.

Your next chance at this is probably in 10-20 years time…



Order now for only $39 AUD

Frankly, once you read the Effective Teen Parenting Manual, you will see how mandatory this approach should be!

Remember what Veronica said – 'We’ve seen all the professionals and no-one taught us what you did.'

With this suite of resources you will see beyond the surface level and into what is REAL and necessary to produce working habits, positive mind-set and life-skills that WILL make a BIG difference.

Not just theory, no uninformed opinions; just REAL ways to help your kids flourish…. and reap the rewards!

And you get to hear lots of entertaining stories from me as well. Each chapter, you go on a new journey into the exhilarating world of Empowered Parenting.

I give it to you straight. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This way, you get a balanced and pragmatic view from the inside on what parenting a teenager is all about, and what it takes to succeed, from a guy who has enjoyed parenting for almost 20 years.

Each of the 7 Keys I will show you how to shift into positive overdrive… it’s quite simple. Yes, I show you how to get great results for you and your kids… but also how to make this lasting AND how this will influence the future.

Plus the disciplines and habits all good parents possess. You get a fly-on-the-wall view inside my family and working experiences. You get fresh up to date REAL support from someone who has walked the path for 20 years and with over 600 families and 1500 teenagers. Frankly, just one new idea in just one chapter could easily reward you with a lifetime of satisfaction when your grandchildren are reaping the rewards of your efforts.

PLUS, joining our community keeps you current and plugged in to what’s new in the parenting world.

And remember, price shouldn’t be an issue here. At around 40 bucks, this investment is chicken feed and shouldn’t stand in your way of taking advantage of this opportunity.


Order now for only $39 AUD

NOTE: This is a once-off investment… there are no on-going fees. And you’re completely covered by my full 8 week money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this now as I’m confident it will not be around forever… Our colleagues are telling us we are crazy to offer so much at once… but it’s your choice.

These resources are new, fresh and totally different from any other publications you will find. I’ve seen them all believe me!

I’m looking forward to starting this journey with you… and share with you the lessons learnt from a 20 year journey into the Heart of the Masculine.

I wish you well… and… I’m looking forward to seeing your name come through to my office.


Andy Roy

P.S. Remember – You get 3 comprehensive books along with the ‘What Makes Men Tick’ Video Library AND my personal support on email and Skype for only $39. All of this will be at your fingertips so you can discover new ideas and put effective strategies into action immediately…. and save yourself loads of time and worry!

P.P.S. Let me remind you that this suite of unique resources are backed by my rock-solid 100% no risk money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Act now before this offer ends.

P.P.P.S. So if you are serious about doing the best for your family… And you want some “all-in-one” support from me… then you’re search is over… you are just moments away from have it ALL (and more) at your finger tips for only $39.00!

So, I dare you – take this new ride with me. But buckle up okay? You’re in for some surprising twists and turns… and… I guarantee you will be as THRILLED as I am about this trip. Your best parenting is just moments away…


Order now for only $39 AUD


*Our real names have been protected for privacy.

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